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Flight Simulator Training


  •    Batch Duration:    30 Days

  •    Fee:    $100

  •    Enrolled Trainees:    15

  •    Video Medium:    English

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Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of aviation with our comprehensive Microsoft Flight Simulator X course! Discover the thrill of virtual flight as I guide you through the intricacies of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, transforming your gaming experience into a true-to-life aviation adventure. Learn From the Best: Receive expert guidance on using Microsoft Flight Simulator X, including essential settings to emulate the experience of a real pilot. Cessna 172 Deep Dive: Immerse yourself in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 as I unveil every instrument and its functionality. Understand how pilots utilize these instruments for a seamless and authentic flying experience. Takeoff and Airborne Mastery: Elevate your skills as I walk you through the art of takeoff. Experience the thrill of becoming airborne as you master the techniques employed by seasoned pilots. Navigation Made Simple: Demystify the complexities of navigation with step-by-step instructions on creating a traffic pattern. Navigate the virtual skies with confidence, gaining a deep understanding of aviation navigation principles. Master the Art of Landing: Unveil the secrets of a perfect landing as I guide you through the intricacies of safely bringing an aircraft back to the ground. Whether you're a true aviation enthusiast or a beginner, you'll learn to land like a pro in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Suitable for All Skill Levels: Tailored for both aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts, this course guarantees that you'll be soaring through virtual skies with confidence. No prior aviation experience required! Course Benefits: Gain hands-on experience in a virtual cockpit. Develop a solid understanding of aviation fundamentals. Perfect for both gaming enthusiasts and those with a genuine interest in aviation. Unlock the ability to take off and land with precision in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Embark on your aviation journey today and experience the exhilaration of virtual flight like never before!

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DASC UK - Flight School Instructor Embark on your aviation journey with our distinguished Flight School Instructor at DASC UK Our seasoned Flight Instructor is equipped to deliver top-notch ground and flight instruction, offering you a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the clouds. Career-Oriented Training: Our focus is on preparing you for a successful career in aviation, with a special emphasis on meeting airline standards. Embark on your aviation career confidently with the guidance of our esteemed Flight School Instructor at DASC UK. Join us, and let your dreams take flight.

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I began working as an aircraft engine operator in the aviation industry in 2017. And because I adore this career, I decided to enter the aviation industry. I didn't have any problem despite the fact that I work for a military institution. I was hired after earning my associate's degree in engineering with a focus on aviation maintenance. Social networking is when I learned about the DASC UK. Ameer Hamza, a Pakistani ambassador for this group, helped me and encouraged me to enroll in the classes once I learned about the virtual learning programme. Due to the fact that I work as an aircraft technician, my everyday tasks involve managing both passengers and planes, in addition to other general aviation-related tasks. I made the decision to complete all of these courses in order to sharpen my skills and gain knowledge in the aviation industry.

My name is Waleed, From Saudi Arabia, I obtained a BS in aviation management from the Aeroline Institute in Lahore, and after that I participated in DASC UK courses, which aided in my success in obtaining an internship. I used DASC UK's HR services to get an office-based internship in air freight logistics with Ahmar Logistics, a company that deals with air cargo. The tasks were successfully completed by an instructor who held the necessary credentials, and they were provided to me together with the teacher's signature and a quality audit in my internship logbook. a few excursions to various air freight companies at the airport for task-based purposes. British-accredited degrees offer the perfect combination for a prosperous professional start. I learned about Dasc UK via a colleague who was already an intern; he also gave me his recommendation.

My name is Bilal, From Kuwait, I have a degree in aviation management from Aeroline, and I took courses from DASC UK that helped me get an internship. I sought an internship in air freight logistics that would be situated in an office, and DASC UK offered me HR services. I received my internship logbook, and the duties were handled professionally and by an instructor who was duly qualified. My practical cargo tasks were taught to me by an IATA-certified teacher for Dangerous Goods, who also took me on a tour of many cargo facilities. Using the services of DASC UK was undoubtedly valuable since I want to build my future in QATAR, where my family is situated. They offered me an experienced instructor in Qatar airline cargo and Emirates airline cargo.

I'm a student at SKT University pursuing a degree in aviation management, and I was looking for a reliable organisation that could understand my needs and the goals of my programme. After explaining my requirements to my university instructor, he suggested some programmes and organizations, and after some research, I decided to pursue certification through dasc uk. My job chances improved when I made an investment in a training programme and a six-course package. Dasc UK saw my aptitude for sales and gave me the chance to advance in my career. When my first professional chapter began, I joined Dasc UK. The prospect of obtaining an aviation certification online was mentioned to me by my teacher, who works for Emirates Airlines.

My name is Osama, From Saudi Arabia, My first assignment involved researching the business Dasc UK, for which we had the chance to speak with the chairpersons of the organisation. Corporate executives were satisfied with our study on dasc uk, which allowed us to develop in aviation. My ambition to work in the field in Saudi Arabia is where I first developed an interest in flying. DASC UK joined my research team when I realised that I required certification to continue pursuing my degree. After receiving a scholarship based on my credentials, I subsequently began attending classes. I find out about courses through people who work in the aviation sector, and I'm fortunate that Turkey provides programmes that will advance my aviation profession. I want to lead the aviation industry globally and increase my financial security.

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